The Pills

For a long time it has been uncertain exactly what the purpose of “the pills” is. Let’s do a walkthrough of them, shall we?

The pills first show up in Entry 16. Jay is snooping around in Alex’s house. In this Entry, Jay discovers a water bottle, a bullet casing, drawings, and the bottle of pills beside a bloodstained sink.

Entry 19.5, Jay is reviewing the things he took from the house, including the bottle of pills. But now, the pill bottle is empty and he has no recollection of taking any.

Entry 20, Tim has a coughing fit and takes some pills, identified as the same, if not similar pills, to the ones Jay swiped. Jay states he does not remember the events of this entry happening.

Entry 23, Jay returns to the house and is attacked by Masky. An open bottle of pills is sighted on a sidetable.

Entry 28, Having no knowledge of where he is or how he got there, Jay searches his hotel room and finds a bottle of pills.

Entry 61, perhaps the biggest insight into the nature of the pills. Hoody breaks in to Tim’s house, takes his pills, and as Tim starts to cough violently, he is unable to find his pills and has a seizure. Afterwards, he takes his trademark jacket and leaves.

Entry 73, Hoody goes on a search for pills, showing us that his inventory has dwindled to a measly single pill.

Entry 74, Jay refuses to take any more of Tim’s pills, which Tim has been sharing with him because he believes they are going to “help him.”

It would seem that the pills ward off the effects of The Operator, or the so-called “Slender-Sickness”. If Tim goes without his pills, he becomes Masky. So why is it that Hoody continues taking the pills? This would imply that Hoody is no one’s alter-ego, as Masky is to Tim. Hoody is someone in complete possession of their mental faculties. However, this person is in cohorts with Tim’s alter-ego, Masky, but not Tim himself. This might imply that Hoody is no one we have met yet from the series.

However, one thing that bothers me the most: Hoody feels as though they need the pills. Entry 73 is a testament to that. So why is it he has allowed his stores to fizzle out to one single pill? Why has he not gone out for more? Or perhaps he has, but has been unable to access more? He knows that Tim has the pills, but instead of stealing them, he lets him keep the few pills he has. This could be evidence to the (increasingly unlikely) theory that Hoody is Jay from the future. Hoody wants his former self to take the pills, perhaps to prevent things from occurring.

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I will tell you something cold, something sleepy… Something of cease and peace…

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A lot of people have been waiting for me to post my theories on the recent entries.

To be honest, I can’t even get a fucking grip on… What the fuck. My mind is full. Full of fuck. Full of fucking marble hornets.

I feel like I need someone to feed off of. Someone give me somewhere to start off at. Because I can’t get my ideas in order.


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Entry #69

I want to say that I am thrilled with the foreshadowing we didn’t even know was there from Entry #21. Although I, of course, noticed the strange placement of distortion, and have always wondered why it was there, after so long, I chalked it up to just random Operator-nearby distortion. But I’m going to save this bit for last.

Many people are conflicted about Jay being paranoid and/or deceptive. I have yet to draw my own conclusions about this. On one hand, with everything that is going on, if we say that it is normal for Jay to be so jumpy, we have to then point out how calm Tim is. On the other hand, if it’s odd for Jay to be acting this way, what might that say about Tim’s acceptance of that behavior?

I support the idea that Jay is an unreliable narrator. Just as we have discovered that Alex did not give Jay all of the tapes, why should we assume that Jay is cluing us in on everything that happens? And now we’ve come back to the tapes.

I feel like the reason Alex told Jay to burn the tapes is because he understands that The Operator can see through cameras. It is a widely-accepted theory that this was the reason Alex got upset when Amy turned the camera on him. However, that would mean that it works both ways; Not only can The Operator see anyone who is captured on a camera, but that he can find anyone who sees HIM on film.

Meaning we are all targets.

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“You can run all you want, but I will find you!”

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The weather here has been absolutely fantastic. I actually went outside yesterday and today. I have actually opened the windows for the first time in about a month and not felt like I was being watched. Feels good, Bro.

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You Are You — But Who Are You?

It has come to my attention that we really don’t know who Masky is. I am not speaking of the body it inhabits— I know that Tim has these seizures, blacks out, and becomes ‘Masky’. But who is he, really?

It annoys me when people equate Masky with ToTheArk. For a little while there, it looked as though maybe, perhaps, he could have been ToTheArk. But unless Masky has his own stream of consciousness, which I do not believe, it is highly improbable that he would have the drive, for lack of a better term, to be a part of ToTheArk. I briefly toyed with one disturbing thought:

We know that Tim has these seizures and becomes someone else. But what if TIM is the ‘someone else’, and Masky is, or once was, the dominant persona?

But who is Masky? A minion of The Operator, a protector of the Ark, a guardian of Jay…? At this point, these options, and more, are completely possible. It all plays in to my recent thoughts about motivations. What do they all want? What does Jay hope to accomplish with this bizzare adventure? Why is Hoody bothering to communicate with Jay? Why does The Operator show such interest in Alex? And why did Masky get involved in the first place?

I don’t suspect we will ever know most of those answers. But don’t feel sorry for us. Feel sorry for Jay and Tim, following a shadowy figure in the distance and running from things they don’t even understand. And probably never will.

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